Best Bauer Skates for the Money – 2 Great Choices!

best bauer skates for the money

Bauer is one of the most known hockey brands in the world!

It is well known because Bauer makes outstanding hockey equipment, from the skates to the sticks, the pads to the pants. In most cases, the equipment can be expensive, and hence why we thought it would be a great time to provide an overview of some of the better, inexpensive options.

To me, when looking over all of the features compared to the different prices, the Bauer Vapor X400 skates look to be the best choice for your money. The last time I checked these skates were priced at less than $140 which is very reasonable for a pair of Bauer skates!.

Fortunately, Bauer offers quality hockey equipment in a wide variety of prices, so everyone can wear different variations of this great gear. To get the benefits of the Bauer brand, you do not have to spend a fortune. Even the lower priced products are made with the highest standards.

Vapor X400 – Best choice for Affordability

Vapor X400
Bauer Vapor X400 skates


Fortunately, you do not have to spend more than $900 to get a great pair of skates from the best hockey company in the world.

One of the pair that bring a great amount of value is the Bauer Vapor X400 series. These skates are under $140 and they are built to last.

While these don’t have anywhere near the features of the most expensive skates, they have plenty of useful features.

While these may not be as comfortable as the high-end skates, they are not uncomfortable. These skates also do not have replaceable blades, which is part of the reason why they are so less expensive than those that do.


  • For one, they are made with Bauer’s Trueform tech and they have a X-Rib pattern. If you are a recreational skater, this is a great feature for what you are paying for!
  • These skates are well designed and have foam ankle pads that have a microfiber lining for comfort and security.
  • The tongue is made of two pieces so the foot stays where it should be.
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Supreme S160 – Best for Recreational Play

Supreme S160
Bauer Supreme S160 Skates


Another great pair of Bauer skates (especially for the price) are the Supreme S160.

This is the most affordable of the Supreme line up and they are loaded with features.

Both the Supreme and the Vapor offer plenty of power for your strides. It is important to remember than both of these skates are designed for recreational skaters, who might use them one to three times per month. They are not for daily skaters.

However if you are looking for comfort, check out these great features:


  • The Supreme S160 has significant room in the forefoot with zero negative space in the heel and ankle, so there is plenty of room for power.
  • The ankle has memory foam padding which helps customize the skate to your foot.
  • 3-D reinforced Trueform quarter package is heat molded, so it fits perfectly all the way around your foot.
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Along with these fit features, the Supreme S160 has a tongue made of two pieces that customize to your feet. They also have a high-density metatarsal guide to keep your toes comfortable and free of lace bite. While the Vapor X400 do not have the feature to remove the blades, the Supreme S160 does have that feature. The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder makes it easy to swap out the blades as quickly as possible.

Depending on your skating needs, these are both a great deal. They are for the recreational skater and are designed to last, while providing flexibility, strength, and durability, too. You really can’t go wrong with high quality skates from Bauer at any price point.

Conclusion – What do higher cost Bauer skates offer?

The brand is so popular than nearly all of the players in the NHL wear it and of those players a large percentage of them wear the skates. In fact, nearly 70% of them according to an article about the company on Macleans.

Although we’ve outlined the top options for Bauer skates on a budget, you might be wondering the benefits of high end models. After all – Bauer skates can reach prices over $900!

Of course, the skates at the high end of the range have more features and are made of high-end materials. The high end skates are made of Bauer’s Curv composite material that make them incredibly lightweight as well as durable and strong. They have heel and ankle lock support for quick turns and crossovers. There are so many features in the Bauer Vapor 1X that feet actually feel good in them. They have a tapered fit, several locking features like the Lock-Fit Pro liner and facing.

The best Bauer skates also have plenty of ventilation, moldable footbeds, and a trigger holder that allows for a quick change of blades. The Lightspeed Edge holder is higher and narrower than in previous models, so it is easier for skaters to really get down and dirty in turns by increasing the radius.

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