Best Composite Hockey Sticks under $100 – 3 Awesome Choices!

best composite hockey sticks under $100

Composite hockey sticks are used by veteran and rookie hockey players alike.

These durable, flexible, and affordable hockey sticks come in one and two pieces as well as in all different sizes.

This page is mostly focused on helping you find the most affordable choice so you can focus on the more fun things – like playing hockey!

So which stick is best? In my opinion, the Warrior Alpha QX4 is the best composite stick that costs less than $100. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it has many different sizes so it can be used for beginners all the way to adult levels. It is perfect for those recreational players that hop on the ice once or twice a week for fun.

If you are in the market for an affordable composite hockey stick, the three on this page can’t be beat.

Warrior Alpha QX4 – Best for Beginners

Warrior Alpha QX4
Warrior Alpha QX4 Composite


This senior stick is an ideal choice when looking to save a few dollars. It is from the Warrior Alpha QX line, which is used by players of all levels, from elite to absolute beginners.

While the premier stick in the QX line has what Warrior Alpha calls the premier accuracy package, the affordable QX4 is no slouch. The Warrior QX4 is designed for players who enjoy an occasional game once or twice a week. It is not for the player who hits the ice on a daily basis.

How does it shoot?

This value-priced stick has the Sabre Taper that is unique to Warrior Alpha sticks. The taper keeps the stick from opening up while releasing a shot, giving it a stiff torsion. The QX sticks have a gradual taper from the mid-shaft to the blade with a subtle width. Because of this Sabre Taper, the QX sticks provide plenty of stability which gives shots more accuracy. This stick weighs 474 grams and measures 60 inches in length.

Is the Alpha QX good for you?

Even though this is the weekender version of the QX stick, you get the same features of the stick that elite players use. Warrior Alpha uses Minimus Carbon, their special carbon weave that is strong, stiff, and light. The Ergo Shaft shape follows the form of the hands when closed on the grip. Warrior calls it a dogbone shape that bows in near the center and bulges at the top and bottom. This makes the grip more comfortable while keeping the hands in place. This is one hot stick that will last through the toughest games.

CCM Tacks 5092 – Great Durability

CCM Tacks 5092
CCM Tacks 5092 Composite


The CCM Tacks is a stick line that leads the way in performance and durability. The CCM Tacks 5092 has a mid kick point that helps all types of shooters. The all-in-one flex profile keeps the energy where it needs to be so your shot goes exactly where you want it to go.

Different styles for different players

This line of sticks comes with a full grip. You can get the stick curved like your favorite player, either Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, or Zach Parise.

This stick measures 59 inches in length and weighs 466 grams. It has the all-in-one flex profile and the tapered blade where the shaft gets thinner towards the blade.

More on the Tacks line of sticks

The CCM Tacks line was reintroduced after a long absence. Hockey players loved this stick, so CCM reintroduced it using the previous models for inspiration. But, the new materials, like the Ultra AttackFrame blade, make this stick an asset for modern hockey players. It is durable with just the right amount of flexibility that offers torsion to improve accuracy.

Professional hockey players love this line of sticks because the T-Geometry design and structure reduces fatigue, so the stick feels like new each time they use it. Players of all experience levels appreciate the pop it has, too.

Bauer Nexus N7000 – Great Quality for under $100

Bauer Nexus N7000
Bauer Nexus N7000 Composite sticks


This composite stick which costs less than $100 bill has a sweet spot that makes it easy to light the lamp!

It has a mid-kick point that responds to hand placement to provide all the power that a shot-on-goal needs. Energy transfer on this stick is the best in the business, so you can have accuracy, no matter how quickly you have to shoot the puck.

This stick comes with a BimaX carbon fiber blade wrap over a Dual Density core blade with the Pure Shot blade profile. Even though this is a mid-tier stick, its durability and stiffness seems more like a professional-grade stick. The stick weighs 477 grams and measures 60 inches in length. It is made of visible composite, which Bauer uses on several other sticks, too.

The shaft is double concave and the Power Profile dual taper gets thinner toward the blade.

More about Bauer

Bauer is one of the most respected hockey brands on the planet. The Nexus line of sticks are designed for accuracy.

And, in terms of composite sticks under $100, you can get your hands on the high quality Nexus N7000 stick. The mid-kick profile helps with accuracy and the shaft includes Sweet Spot technology on this fused two-piece stick. There are two grip options, either with the Bauer GRIPTAC finish or with a non-grip matte finish.

Composite Sticks – Are they durable?

Composite sticks come in a variety of different materials and fall under the blanket of “composite” rather than wooden, Kevlar, or aluminum.

They are normally constructed using a wide mix of materials. Most have some type of graphite or fiberglass mixed with wood, aluminum, Kevlar, or even titanium. Some are also dipped in a nano-steel for extra strength.

The mix of materials can greatly affect the price with Kevlar, nano-steel, and titanium blends at the top of the price scale. A young hockey player who is learning puck handling and shooting skills does not need a high-priced stick, but someone who plays at a highly competitive level would.

So are these composite sticks under $100 good?

The list of the top composite hockey sticks for under $100 we looked at above should prove to be real bargains!

All three of these brands – Bauer, CCM, and Warrior – have sticks in these same lines that are double the price, but with many of the same features.

All three of these composite sticks are lightweight with the perfect amount of durability and flexibility. They should perform like they are top-of-the-line models with kick points that deliver with accuracy.

All of these hockey sticks can have the curve of the blade designed for you.

Both Bauer and CCM use professional hockey players preferred blades as their templates. You choose the hockey player with the blade you like and the companies will put that curve on your stick. So, you get a hockey stick for under $100 with your favorite blade on a composite shaft with a professional grip, too.

Whether you chose the Warrior Alpha QX4, the CCM Tacks 5092, or the Bauer Nexus N7000, you are getting a great deal on a hockey stick that will perform under the toughest conditions with accuracy, durability, and the perfect amount of flexibility.

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