Best Low Kick Point Hockey Sticks (Updated 2024)

Every hockey stick has a kick point and the location of it affects the way the stick functions. A kick point is the spot where the stick is stiff, so it is an important part of the energy release of your stick. This page in particular is focused primarily on the low kick options.

So what is the best choice? In my opinion, the Bauer Vapor Flylite is the top option for players who prefer a low kick in their stick. Players who prefer low-kick points tend to prefer quicker, but not as powerful shots. The Flylite as the name implies is a nice light option to let pucks fly!

When a player moves to take a shot, the stick actually does the majority of the work. The kick point is the spot on the stick where everything below it bends.

Fortunately, there are several outstanding sticks that are designed for players who like low kick sticks. Let’s take a look!

Bauer Vapor Flylite – Best Choice for 2024

best low kick hockey sticks


It is easy to fall in love with the Bauer Vapor Flylite because of the outstanding compilation of features. This elite-level stick has one of the lowest kick points of any stick on the market, so pucks fly off the blade with a quick wrist shot. To keep the stick from breaking at this low kick point, the designers used what Bauer names XE Taper. Although this taper helps to decrease the weight of the stick while providing a quicker release, it also ensure that when the opportunity comes for a slapshot or a one-timer that it won’t get destroyed.

In this latest incarnation of the Vapor Flylite, the designers looked for any possible avenue of improvement. One of the newest changes was the concave sidewalls. To maximize those, they also added rounded corners. It also works well with a player’s puck-handling skills. To make the stick strong, the designers added a Duraflex resin system to help prevent little microfractures that weaken the stick over time.

When the Vapor Flylite, it was given a faster release due to Advanced Carbon Layering that are strategically placed to speed up the release. Along with a fast release, the Vapor also has a durable blade with an Aero-Sense 2 blade core. With aerofoam, the inside of the blade is actually stiff so it adds to the pop that the release gives the puck.

Despite all of the features, the stick is still lightweight, so players do not get weary taking shots on the ice. Do remember, that this stick, with its elite features is priced for elite players as well.


Warrior Covert QRE30 – Excellent Accuracy

Warrior Alpha QX low kick point


As the name implies – the Warrior Covert is just that – sneaky, quick, and hard to see coming! At least that is what it feels like to opposing goalies.

This dominant stick is revolutionary, due to its Fuelcore technology that makes the puck explode off the blade. This technology works because of the low kick point that quickly releases energy through the end of the blade. Add to that, the lightweight Minimus Carbon 900D which is a woven carbon-composite that is incredibly durable.

Along with the carbon-composite, the stick also comes with a Edge Taper that brings a stiff arc that flexes the blade and delivers an accurate shot. Those aren’t the only features that make this stick the alpha option for players who like the quick release of a low kick point.

It is a one-piece stick, which makes it more durable and it gives players a good feel for the puck no matter where they place their hands on it. With the ergonomic shape, the stick should feel great and comfortable, so it is a great tool for players who enjoy showing off their puck-handling skills.

Even the grip, which is called a Slide Grip, is designed to keep the stick in the hand, not flying around or sliding on the ice. This will work well for face-offs, and any other puck battle you might find yourself in. Comparing to the Bauer Flylite above, the Covert QRE30 is less expensive by a large margin but still packs a great amount of pop to increase your goal scoring touch.


CCM Ribcor Trigger2 – Great for Power

CCM Ribcor Trigger 2 Low kick


All three sticks on this list are great choices for anyone who likes the low kick point style of hockey stick. But, all three have their own features that make them stand apart from the others.

The CCM Ribcor Trigger, like the other sticks on this list, has been updated and is loaded with features that make it powerful, sturdy, and flexible. It has an updated and improved taper that gives it a new flex ratio that delivers serious power when the puck is released. Along with the low kick point, it also has a flexible zone up top so it can send slap shots with power, too.

The Sigmatex technology gives the stick power and performance that can simply be enabled by placement of the hand. The profile has a vertical flex so the puck goes where you shoot it and it goes with power and ease. Players who like to bring their stick near their bodies will have better power when they use the CCM Ribcor – thus the name of the stick – it’s a great stick to bring close to the ribs. This is due to the Crossbow Effect that CCM developed for this stick. Bringing it near the body engages the upper portion of the stick which sends the most energy to the lower part of the stick.

This stick is loaded with technology which is why it has the top and low kick point. The Ribcor Trigger includes Popmatrix Technology in the taper. It includes at Ascent Blade 3 with a smoothed out geometry that accesses the most energy it can. The Ascent Blade 3 is strong, but also lightweight, so it really sends the puck after a slap shot or wrist shot.

Above the blade, the shaft is made of lightweight carbon so players do not get tired when taking shots on the ice.


  • Weight: 426 grams
  • Length: 59 and 62 (based on the flex of the stick)
  • Material: Sigmatex
  • (View latest price)

Difference between Low and Mid Kick Point

With one of the best low-kick hockey stick options above, the lumber will bend farther down the stick than a mid kick point which will bend the majority of the stick.

Using a low-kick point, the stick will release the puck quickly, because less of the stick has to return to straight. This makes for a quick shot, but not a powerful shot. This is why hockey players who like a swift wrist shot prefer the low kick sticks over mid kick sticks. With a mid kick stick, slap shots are more powerful, simply because the stick returns to straight with more power than a low kick stick does.

Players who like the mid kick stick really like to load up on their shots. But, players who like the quick flicks of a wrist shot get the best shots off with a low kick stick. That quick flex sends wrist shots flying.