Best Mid Kick Hockey Sticks

A hockey stick is a hockey stick, right?? Wrong! Hockey sticks have several subtle differences. From the materials they are made of to the flexibility of the kick point, differences in hockey sticks can affect a player’s success on the ice. One of the more subtle differences is the kick point, which comes in three different places. As you may have guessed by now, this page in particular is dedicated to the best mid kick hockey sticks.

best mid kick hockey sticks

The mid-kick point stick itself has a flexible spot in the middle of the stick, so players who rely on the slap shot like sticks with mid-kick. Players who also lean deeply into their shots benefit from mid-kick points, too.

CCM Tacks 7092 – Best Mid-kick stick for 2019

This mid-kick stick quickly became a popular choice when CCM released it a couple of years ago.

CCM improved the kick point so it performs with serious power! Players appreciate the CCM Tacks brand because of its consistency from shot to shot. Even though the stick is advertised as a mid-kick stick, it really has a dual-flex profile. This gives players the power of the mid-kick, but the flexibility it needs for quick wrist shots. The other load zone provides the power, while one provides the speed.

In addition, this stick is one of those that has a soft taper so players can really get a responsive feel when they’re involved in the heat of the game.

This stick has the CCM Ultra Attackframe blade with a strong 12K carbon weave. It is lightweight, but has the perfect amount of torsion and stiffness for accurate and powerful shots.


  • Weight: 465 grams
  • Material: Composite
  • Length: 75/85 Flex: 59 inches or 95/105 Flex: 62 inches
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Sherwood T120 – Ideal for Hard Slap Shots

This brand may not be as well known as CCM and Bauer, but this stick is legit. This composite stick is probably the top option out of the Sherwood lineup.

With Ekore and VRF2 technology, it is one of the lightest and strongest sticks on the market today. It also includes Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber, which is a fiber reinforced by being saturated with resin. Ekore is a pre-preg, but because of Sherwood’s processing at a slow pace, the shaft requires less resin, but is still incredibly durable. The individual layers of the shaft are hand wrapped and vacuum sealed so the shaft is free of any flaws.

The mid-kick technology is designed for players that attempt heavier shots. The technology is so well developed that you can cut up to four inches off of the shaft without losing power.

At the low end of the stick, the blade has VRF2 technology with the same carbon fiber in the shaft. Under the fiber is a high-density foam to make the blade last longer than other brands last. To reduce blade torsion, the middle of the blade has a unique carbon bridge.

This stick has it all for the player who loves a mid kick.


Bauer Nexus 1N – Better Accuracy

If you aim it, the Bauer Nexus will help you hit your spots.

This stick has been updated with new geometry and a perfected sweet spot. The shaft has an easy-load taper with Bauer Sweet Spot Technology. So far when looking at various reviews, players seem to appreciate the accuracy that the new shaft gives them. Some of that accuracy comes from the geometry of the shaft, which now has slightly rounded corners, to easy through the air.

The Nexus also has a taper that makes it easy to load a shot. And, with that easy taper, players have more success scoring goals due to added consistency.

The stick also has new design, with Monocomp technology that makes the energy transfer bring consistency. And, the eLasTech Technology from Bauer prevents breakage from those hard-hit shots. Along with these two technologies, Bauer also put TeXtreme carbon fiber into the stick. These technologies combine to make the stick 20% lighter than the typical carbon-fiber stick. Players also appreciate how balanced the stick is due to the absorbent core of the blade. Even with the lower weight, the stick should deliver consistency, shot after shot after shot.


What is a kick point?

We’ve explained kick point more in this article but will provide a smaller explanation here.

The kick point is unique to the composite sticks. Because of the way that sticks are built, there is a spot that is stiff. This area of the stick is called the kick point.

With this stiff area, the stick is able to deliver a consistent shot, as long as you hit the puck there. The area around the kick point is flexible, which helps add to the potency of the kick point. These spots help with specific shots and all composite sticks have kick points.

It is up to you to decide what kick point works best for the shots you take.

Pros and cons of mid-kick sticks

There are several pros and cons to choosing one of the better mid-kick sticks like we’ve described above.

The biggest benefit of a mid-kick stick is the power that they generate. They are designed so players can get their full body weight into the shot. So, larger players and those who shoot for power love them. But, with power, comes a drawback – they are not as quick on the release as low-kick sticks. Some players do not like mid-kick sticks because they want power and a speedy release. To make up for the slower release, some manufacturers will make their mid-kick sticks softer than other brands.

When it comes to choosing a stick, consider the way you play. Mid-kick sticks are not the best choices for new players, especially those who have not built up much strength. But, if you put your body weight into your shots and you like to shoot big shots, mid-kick sticks are the best choices. Mid-kick sticks are durable and can withstand tough play.

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