Best Hockey Pants for Defensemen

best hockey pants for defensemen

Hockey defensemen are in a unique position…

They use more than their sticks and gloves to keep the puck out of the zone, but they do not get to wear the same amount of padding as goalies get to wear. Since defensemen put their bodies on the line to prevent the opponent from scoring, they need gear that protects them while still allowing them to move.

Unlike Goalies, defensemen need to be able to move and their gear cannot be cumbersome. Fortunately, hockey equipment manufacturers are aware of the need for protective gear and they make pants that get the job done.

Right now, the best choices of hockey pants for defensemen look to be as follows:

  • CCM Tacks 5092 – Best Value
  • Bauer Supreme S190 – Higher Priced
  • Bauer Nexus N9000 – Less Expensive

CCM Tacks 5092 – Best Overall

CCM Tacks 5092
CCM Tacks 5092 Pants


The CCM Tacks 5092 are a top choice for players who like the anatomical fit with plenty of protection.

This is a mid-range pant from the high-end Tacks line and what separates this line from others is the zipper that can adjust the length of the pants. So, if you need more protection on the ice, you use the zipper to add an extra inch of length to the pants. Sine the zipper is hidden, no one knows that you can do this.

The CCM Tacks 5092 are made of nylon that is reinforced with side panels protections. These pants have kidney and thigh protection and a JDP cap over the hip joint.

With these on, defensemen will be able to rebound nicely after even the toughest hits. Even with all of the protective inserts and padding, the pants are still lightweight so it is easy to move around with them on.


  • Thigh padding: Molded
  • Hip padding: JDP cap
  • Lower back padding: Molded
  • Thigh zipper: Yes
  • Waist: External belt
  • Cut: Anatomical
  • (Latest Price)

Bauer Supreme S190 – More Expensive option

Bauer Supreme S190
Bauer Supreme S190 Pants


Bauer didn’t become one of the best companies in hockey because they made bad hockey gear.

The Supreme S190 is proof of the Bauer excellence.

These hockey pants are priced affordably, but they protect like they are the most expensive choice on the market. These have the Bauer Adaptive Core Technology that gives players the ability to adjust the thigh and waste to fit their bodies perfectly.

Along with the customized fit, the Bauer Supreme S190 also has nearly perfect protective pad placement.

The pads fit tightly to the body, so they are more responsive and so they stay in place on hard hits. The protective pieces are made of high-end material, including Poron XRD smart foam, which Bauer put over the tailbone.

The other parts of the body are covered and protected by foams and inserts that also fit to the body. Bauer uses medium-density foam and molded plastic inserts to get these hockey shorts to fit to each body individually.

It is easy to connect the shell to the core using both nylon straps and a few piece of Velcro. These lightweight pants also have zipper legs that give players mobility on and off the ice.

Finally, the Thermo Max liner keeps players at the right temperature, even during the heat of the game.


  • Thigh padding: Foam
  • Hip padding: Molded foam
  • Lower back padding: HD foam
  • Thigh zipper: Yes
  • Waist: MD foam with belt
  • Cut: Tapered
  • (Latest Price)

Bauer Nexus N9000 – Less Expensive Option

Bauer Nexus N9000
Bauer Nexus N9000 Pants


Both Bauer hockey pants featured on this page are priced similarly, but slightly more than the CCM Tacks.

But, all three models are the top choices of hockey pants for defensemen who want to reduce the number of bruises they get on their lower body in a hockey game.

The Bauer Nexus has great features, just like the Supremes. Where the Supremes fit snuggly, the Nexus are roomy with plenty of space for protective foam and molded pieces. The entire pant has protective molded foam. To make the Nexus N9000 comfortable, the thigh and hip protective is made of two pieces.

To keep the pants on, Bauer put suspenders on these pants. This is an upgrade from the zippers that were on previous models. And, following the trend, the Nexus N9000 also has an adjustable leg length so players can add one inch to them using a loop system.

There are also flex zones and nylon to add to the flexibility and durability of these awesome pants. They also have the Bauer Thermomax liner to keep moisture away from the body.


  • Thigh padding: Ergonomic two-piece pads
  • Hip padding: Molded dome
  • Lower back padding: HD foam
  • Thigh zipper: Yes
  • Waist: Molded HD foam
  • Cut: Traditional
  • (Latest Price)

Explaining: Protection

With any of the three previous hockey pants, defensemen can wear them without worrying about excessive bruising on their thighs and backsides.

Most hockey pants in general come with varying types of protection and with different cuts. Protective foam is sometimes removable, so hockey players can put it where it best fits their bodies and the style of play.

Some of the protection in hockey pants is made of molded plastic rather than foam. But, the best pants have protection over the thighs, the hips, and the low back near the base of the spine and tailbone.

Explaining: Fit

There are three different fits for hockey pants. Although we’ve tried our best to provide the top pants for defensemen, when players choose their favorite fit, it really comes down to personal preference.

There is the traditional fit, which is a loose fit with wide legs and is rather comfortable for players.

The tapered fit has fitted legs.

And, the last fit, which is rather rare is the anatomical fit, which is extremely fitted.

The tapered and anatomical fits supposedly provide more flexibility and maneuverability for players, but the traditional fit is still rather popular and has significant space for pads and protective pieces.

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