Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet in 2024

As you all know, shoes are not one-size-fits-all. Fortunately, shoes come in all different lengths to fit feet of various sizes.

Most shoes and athletic footwear like hockey skates – come with a regular width. But, what if you have wide feet? Are you just supposed to cram them into uncomfortably narrow skates and suffer through the discomfort?

Fortunately, there are hockey skates designed specifically for wider feet. The best options for players with wide feet look to be the CCM JetSpeed FT490, Bauer Vapor 2X, or the CCM Ribcor 70K series. All three of these skates come in extra wide sizes to keep your feet comfortable and not feel cramped, while still providing great power and speed you’d expect.

CCM JetSpeed FT490 – Great for Power

Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet


These skates are an investment in your feet and your game!

The Jet Speed FT 490 series are truly for elite players with upgraded interior and exterior designs to improve performance. It contains a vented and reinforced outsole that improves energy transfer for more foot control and power. The RocketFrame Composite structure (which is similar to an NHL boot) with Lightframe 360 offers a stiffness that is not prohibitive, but actually helps get you around the ice.

Additional Features

The outside of the skate looks great, but it’s the inside that really makes a difference with performance. The Jetspeed FT490 has Smooth Contour Pro wraps that keep ankles feeling good. It also includes a Premium Total-Dri liner to keep your feet fresh and comfortable. And, the footbed is made of Anatomical Response so it contours to your feet.

Even the tongue is designed for comfort as nothing was overlooked. It has thick foam to cushion the top of the foot and to prevent lace bite.

Wearing these skates, hockey players should notice the flawless design. And, when they fit, skaters are able to experience an ideal level of torque and power transfer. The SpeedBlade XS edge holder is taller than previous models, so it allows skaters to move with more aggression and nimbleness.

These skates come in regular, wide, and extra wide widths for those with really wide feet.

Bauer Vapor 2X – Lightweight and Fast!

Bauer Vapor 2X


These are probably one of the better sets of skates that money can buy, but it takes some serious money to buy the Vapor 2X series.

Surprisingly, these are not the first generation Vapor skates. They are an upgraded version of an already great pair of skates. Not only do they look good on the outside – they should also feel as good as they look on the inside. In particular for those with wide feet, the skates are offered in wide, and extra-wide widths so every hockey player can benefit from wearing the best skates on the market, today.

Additional Features

These skates have several features that make them elite. First off, these are low profile skates, so those that prefer that type would prefer this model over the JetSpeed FT490 series discussed earlier. On the outside, they are made of carbon composite vents to provide the skater with more breathability. These vents actually are designed to allow for moisture ventilation while they are being worn.

The blade sits in a Tuuk LightSpeed Edge holder so it can be easily replaced. The skates are lightweight, but with perfect stiffness that allows skaters to access powerful energy transfer.

Interestingly, the skates have plenty of power that can be accessed from the inside. With the Curv Composite ankle support, hockey players do not have worry about weaknesses. The Lock-Fit footbed helps skaters get the power they need from the foundation of the skate.

Along with the ankle support, the LockFit liner keeps ankle pads free from moisture and they aid in stabilizing the foot, too. Also, on the inside of the boot, the tongue is flexible and it provides protection from the lace eyelets with a three-piece FlexLock Pro model that is thick and comfortable to prevent the foot from being injured from puck attacks.

You cannot go wrong with the Bauer Vapor 2X. These skates will change your game, which why they are so popular with elite skaters – even those that play at the professional level

CCM Ribcor 70K – Most Affordable Option

CCM Ribcor 70K


If the FT490 and Vapor 2X models look to be the skates you want, but the price is excessive, you may want to check out the CCM Ribcor skates.

These also come in narrow, regular, wide, and extra-wide widths, so they will feel good as they hopefully improve your performance. These skates have been upgraded from previous models as more research is done on professional players and their skating preferences and styles.

Additional Information

These skates are made of composite materials that reinforce the core of the skate and the eyelets actually play a role in the way the skates flex. Players can use this forward flexion to get more power in a way that other skates do not allow. Even with the added power, your ankles will be protected with Smooth Contour Pro padding at the ankle collar. This lets skaters use the ice to get more power, but without sacrificing comfort.

The skate also includes interior features that separate it from other models and brands. A contoured heel lock is built into the skate and keeps the foot where it needs to be – inside a foam wrap that is build into the boot. They also feature the CCM TotalDri liner to protect the foot from moisture and to keep the skates from wearing out from the inside. The TriTech Pro tongue protects from lace bit and protects the foot with triple-layer foam.

Importance of Skate sizing for Wide Feet

Your feet are important in hockey and without comfortable, well-fitting skates, your game will suffer. The pain during the game can be troubling, but the pain after the skates come off can be just as bad.

The best thing to do is find skates that fit, which is where the list of the best fitting hockey skates for wide feet comes in to play. When you wear skates that fit you do not have to worry about blisters that can slow you down. With well-fitting skates, your feet won’t slide in the boot and you can benefit from the heel lock that many skates tout. If your skates fit properly, you will also get regular wear on your blade and not have to replace it as often.

When you are ready for a new pair of hockey skates for your wide feet, consider the 3 we’ve described above. Most of them will reach up to size EE. The easiest way to determine if you need wide skates is if you wear wide running shoes.