Best Hockey Skates under $100: SAVE money this season!

Athletic equipment, especially footwear, can be incredibly expensive!

Hockey skates are no exception. While some hockey skates are priced close to $1000, do you really need to spend that much? Of course not!

If you are playing at a highly competitive level on a daily basis, those $1000 skates might be a great deal. However, if you are on a rec league or just learning to play, finding the best hockey skates under $100 is probably the better option.

Both models we look at below are great for those who do not play at a highly competitive level. The price is right and the flexibility make them quite a deal! So if you are still interested, check out these great suggestions.

Bauer Vapor X2.7

Best Hockey Skates under $100


The Bauer Vapor X2.7 is the low-priced version of a high-end skate.

The Vapor line-up was designed with players and their feedback in mind which should provide you with some sort of indication of the trustworthiness of this company.

Bauer uses state-of-the-art labs to design skates that perform for the players who wear them. These skates are designed for rec-league players to help them perform better and with more controllable speed.

The Bauer Vapor X2.7 looks to have been constructed with quality in mind – especially at their price point. Because rec-league players and beginners do not usually like the same structure in their skates that professionals do, Bauer made these more flexible than the pro-league skates. These flexible skates have Bauer’s injected weave quarter panel.

They also have foam ankle pads that are protected by microfiber. The foot stays comfortably and securely in place, and the skate tongue is made of two pieces of felt and helps to keep the foot where it needs to be. These features in particular show how much thought went into this line in terms of comfort and player needs.


CCM Tacks 9350

CCM Tacks 9350


The other good choice for low-priced skates is the CCM Tack 9350 series. Most hockey players have heard of the Tacks line so you might be surprised they have a version that cost less than $100. Fortunately for you – the 9350 series makes it under that mark. CCM makes great skates which have been consistently rated as the top available. Even though these are less expensive than most, they still pack a punch and are great for recreational players.

These are designed like the professional versions, but with slightly different material. They are ergonomically designed for speed, but also keep beginning players comfortable as they are quite lightweight. CCM includes an energy-transfer design that hope to allow hockey players to realize their full skating potential without as much effort.

The Tacks 9350’s have an injection-mold structure, but are covered with a mesh skin to support the boot which improves the shelf life. On the inside, the skates have microfiber lining to keep the skates in place and resist wearing out – saving you more money from not having to buy a new pair next year! They also use CCM’s own SpeedBlade technology in the holder and blade to provide a longer lasting edge so that they don’t have to be sharpened or replaced as often as other models.

Based on the features and the CCM brand, these feel like they cost much more than they actually do. Hockey players report playing better than they expect when wearing the CCM Tacks 9350 skates which should make the decision easier!


  • Heat moldable: Yes
  • Boot structure: 3D Injected
  • Liner: Brushed microfiber
  • Replaceable blades: No
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Tips for skates costing less than $100

Although many of the tips in this section can be applied to any pair of skates, it is important to take note of these items when looking at the top skates under $100 (i.e. cost is a factor). That isn’t to say that inexpensive skates have more issues, you just have to be a little more careful.

Get skates that fit

When it comes to buying low-price hockey skates, it is important that they fit well. It is also important that the skates you find can handle the demands that you will put on them. Otherwise, it is better to buy more expensive skates.

But, there are some low-price skates that can handle pucks bouncing off of them, crossover moves, and quick stops and starts.

Use a flexibility that suits your ability

Hockey skates come in a variety of stiffnesses.

Professional players and those who play regularly tend to prefer stiff skates. When the boot is stiff, players have more control over their footwork and their motion transfer.

Rec league players and new skaters have difficulty controlling stiff skates, so they do better with more flexibility in the boot. It is usually better for less-experienced players to purchase flexible boots. It is wise to buy skates that are at your level, not above it.

Consider replaceable blades

Something else to consider when looking at low-price skates is whether or not the blades can be replaced.

If the skates have screws on the outside or inside near the blades, then they can probably be replaced. Unfortunately, many of the low-priced skates do not have replaceable blades, which is why they are priced the way they are. But, replaceable blades are usually made of low-grade steel, so they do not last as long as the blades on high-priced skates.