Best Hockey Sticks for Forwards in 2024 (Scoring made easy)

For most forwards – the goal is simple – score, or pass the puck to someone else to score.

Sounds easy right? If only!

In my opinion, the best hockey stick for forwards is the Warrior Akpha QX Pro. You can put yourself at a big advantage in your next game with this model. It offers a tremendously fast release to keep goalies guessing!

Hockey forwards need to have sticks that will help them score. Since hockey sticks are not all created equally, it is important for forwards to have a stick that fits their playing style. There are sticks that are perfect for players who favor wrist shots over slap shots and vice versa.

What sticks meet the needs of forwards? Fortunately, there is something for everyone.

Warrior Alpha QX Pro Grip – Great Release!

Warrior Aplha QX Pro Grip

best hockey stick for forwards


This stick is one of the most dominant sticks on the market today. Hockey forwards love the Warrior Alpha’s explosively powerful stick due to its Quick Strike technology that created a release that is second to none. The release is an important aspect to get the puck to the net quicker from your stick.

This is perfect stick for the forward who likes to shoot wrist shots because of its low kick point. This kick point delivers power and control, as hockey players can feel the release from the base of the stick to the top.

The Warrior Alpha QX Pro is made of Minimus Carbon 800 which is supposed to be quite lightweight in comparison to other similar sticks. It also has a unique taper that Warrior calls the Saber Taper that stiffens the flex and provides stability in the blade for pinpoint accuracy. Even with all of this technology, the stick is one-piece which is best for puck control, responsiveness, and balance.

The shape of the shaft is ergonomic, making it comfortable and easy to handle. It has a Protex Grip Texture giving it a tacky grip that stays in the glove. Forwards who love to shoot quick wrist shots with some power will love the feel of this stick from top to the bottom!


  • Weight: 464 grams
  • Length: 63 inches
  • Flex: 85
  • Kick Point: Low
  • Material: Minimum Carbon 800
  • Blade: Hardcore X Foam Core
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Bauer Nexus 1N – Best All-around stick

Bauer Nexus 1N

best hockey stick for goals


The Bauer Nexus 1N is one of the best all-around hockey sticks, but with its new design it has become a go-to stick for forwards, especially those who like to take both wrist and slap shots.

It has an easy-load taper with 14% more roundness in the corners and an improved sweet spot. This adds to the power and accuracy of each shot. The roundness should help improve the grip – making the sticks easier to control.

The Nexus 1N has a new technology that helps the stick resist weakening by the little fractures that build up over time. With eLASTech Technology, these fractures shouldn’t spread through the stick as much, making it last longer than the previous models.

This well-built and well-balanced stick also has Monocomp Technology, which transfers energy to create a consistent shot that goes where you want it to go.

Along with all of the upgraded features, this stick is lighter than previous models due to TeXtreme carbon fiber dropping the weight by 20%. Even with the lighter weight, this stick is powerful, so pucks travel quickly and accurately!


  • Weight: 435 grams
  • Length: 60 inches
  • Kick Point: Mid
  • Material: TeXtreme Technology
  • Blade: Powersense II
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Sher-Wood Rekker EK365 – Better for Wrist Shots

Sherwood Rekker EK365

best hockey stick for right wing


This stick might not have the name recognition that the Bauer or CCM sticks have, but it is still worth investigating for forwards, especially those who like the low kick point for quick wrist shots. Although the Rekker doesn’t have the name recognition, it has actually been around for quite some time and this is the latest improved version which has been refined for better performance.

The Rekker EK365 has an affordable price, despite what looks to be an elite offering of features! This stick is great for forwards as it provides the ability to get off a quick wrist shot making it perfect for wingers.

It has a blade made of Blackline Carbon Fiber and Dropkick Taper to make it light and powerful for quick wrist shots. It also has a VRF.2 Blade, which is an elite-style blade that is built to last longer than the average blade.

The Spear Shaft technology creates better control and feel for forwards who like to move over the ice while breaking the ankles of your fellow defensive opponents. It is easy to understand while looking through this list why so many forwards love this stick.


  • Weight: 380 grams
  • Length: Various
  • Kick Point: Low
  • Blade: VRF.2 Technology
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CCM Tacks 7092 – Great for Slap shots

CCM Tacks 7092

best hockey stick for left wing


This stick has name recognition and it lives up to the reputation of the popular hockey brand.

The Tacks 7092 simply builds upon the excellence that the Tacks line has always had. It has a mid kick point for forwards who love to give the puck a good ride. The stick also has a dual flex profile that makes it a great option for forwards who take both wrist and slap shots. This dual flex point is highlighted by the softer-than-average taper bottom. All of the features combine to offer responsiveness, flexibility, and power.

The CCM Tacks 7092 comes with a 12K carbon weave for strength and flexibility. And, it has an Ultra Attackframe blade. This stick offers everything that a forward needs for accuracy and power.


  • Weight: 465 grams
  • Length: 59 and 62
  • Flex: 85
  • Kick Point: Mid
  • Material: Composite
  • Blade: Ultra Attackframe with 12K carbon weave
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What Forwards look for in a Stick

The best hockey stick choices for forwards largely depends if your preference is a wrist or slap shot. Somewhere in the middle also lies the snap shot to make things a bit more complicated!

Wrist Shots

Players who prefer to shoot powerful and quick wrist shots generally like to have sticks with low kick points and a blade with a mean curve.

With the low kick point, forwards can power the puck past goalies with serious control. And, when the deep curve is added, forwards get to surprise defensemen and goalies with more lift on the puck.

It is also a good idea to get a stick that has the perfect lie and height. Some forwards prefer to have a high kick point on a tall stick, but that much stick can make it difficult for offensive players to get all of the control they need to outmove talented defensemen.

Along with the right flex, kick point, height, and curve, good stick for a forward might need other features.

One of those important features is strength. If the stick does not flex enough, it won’t provide the power that forwards need to get the puck past the defense. A good place to start is with a flex strength that is half the body weight of the hockey player who will use it. This gives players a starting point and can go up and down from there. More bend in a stick will provide more power on the shot.

Slap Shots

Hockey players who prefer the power of a slap shot tend to prefer sticks with a slightly different look and feel.

Again, flex is important, but for slap shots the stick needs to be a bit stiffer than a stick for a player who likes to use the wrist shot. The problem with a stick that lacks stiffness is that it could break when the shot is taken.

Slap shot shooters usually like sticks with either a high or a mid flex point. This is due to the control that these kick points provide. These kick points keep the puck low, while forwards who like wrist shots like the puck to go high. Slap shots also benefit from a curve that isn’t as vicious as the curve needed for a high and strong wrist shot.