Best Hockey Sticks for Defensemen [Updated for 2019!]

If you are new to the world of hockey, it might seem like a hockey stick is a hockey stick. However…this could not be farther from the truth. Each positional player on a hockey team needs to have specialized equipment. Look at the difference between goalie equipment and the equipment that the skaters wear. Even those players opting for the blue line have different requirements than the positional players. Hence why we created this page outlining 2019’s best hockey sticks for defensemen.

best hockey sticks for defensemen

So, what sticks are the best choices for a defensman? There are several good ones to choose from, but these three have proven to be the most popular options.

Bauer Supreme S190

The Bauer Supreme S190 should become a quick favorite with defensemen. This elite-level stick has a mid-range price which is always a good thing!

This stick is made of composite material and is loaded with features to help you perform on defense. It has an extended transfer zone, so the kickpoint does not have a designated spot, but moves to the location of the shot. This means that defensemen can stop a shot, set up, and shot without worrying about hitting the puck on the sweet spot, because the sweet spot will be where the puck is!

This stick has Bauer’s Maximum Power Kick which creates a unique flex profile for every player. The stick is actually softer, with more flexibility near the hands, while near the blade, it is slightly stiffer. This allows the kickpoint to be closer to the staff for the best energy transfer and power to the puck.

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This is not the first generation of the S190. Bauer took the first gen and added more features to make a better second generation. It has a 12K carbon fiber material to keep the stick light, but also strong. The stick has a PowerSense 2 blade that delivers the perfect amount of pop for defensive players. The stick also comes with Griptac sticky tactile grip so it won’t fly out of your hands during the hectic pace of play.


  • Weight: 466 grams
  • Length: 60 inches
  • Material: 12K carbon fiber
  • Kickpoint Position: High
  • Shaft: Square double concave
  • Blade: PowerSense Core 2
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CCM Super Tacks 2.0

The Super Tacks is a carbon fiber composite stick that has one powerful kickpoint. This one is powerful because of the CCM’s partnership with composite-fiber company Sigmatex. Their composite materials have influenced the power of the stick, which makes the kickpoint incredibly responsive.

The Super Tacks 2.0 has a mid kickpoint and a dual-flex profile. With it, defensive players have one perfect place to stop shots and take them. Interestingly, the Super Tacks 2.0 actually has two powerful loading zones for both slapshots and for wrist shots. Because the bottom of the stick has a slightly softer taper, players get to have a strong feel for the stick so their shots are more accurate.

The Sigmatex composite fiber makes the Super Tacks 2.0 an incredibly lightweight stick despite how responsive and powerful it is. Sigmatex has developed a production system that does not allow for wrinkles that reduce strength.

The shaft of the stick has bumper technology that acts much like a car bumper to reduce the shock of the puck hitting the stick. This protects the player and the stick during the game and practice.


  • Weight: 429 grams
  • Length: 75/85 Flex: 59 inches, 95/105 Flex: 62 inches
  • Material: Sigmate Composite
  • Kickpoint Position: Mid
  • Shaft: Rounded corners with straight sidewalls
  • Blade: ACU2
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Bauer Supreme 1S

Bauer makes so many good sticks that it can be difficult to narrow the best down to one!

The Supreme 1S is a composite stick that is designed for elite players who do not want to spend elite money.

Like the CCM stick above, this one is also in its second generation and has better features and technology than the first. This stick, like the other Bauer stick, has a high kickpoint, which is popular with defensemen.

The biggest change to this stick involves the blade, which has the Renew Core blade system that is loaded with a pressurized gel that keeps the blade free of cracks. This gel creates a more durable blade that has fewer problems with internal cracks. This powerful and durable blade is also loaded with what Bauer calls the Maximum Power Kick flex profile so there is more power in every shot.

The first generation of this stick was a star, so Bauer kept some of the most desired features. This stick is lightweight, but it performs better than sticks with the same weight, due to the lightweight TeXtreme Construction. This carbon fiber is 20% lighter and more durable that the 12K carbon used in the other Bauer stick on this list. The TeXtreme carbon is designed to better absorb the shock from stopping pucks and taking shots, too. The stick has another technology that players love called eLasTech resin. This unique feature actually fills in microfractures that occur during game play to keep the stick working like new all of the time.


  • Weight: 466 grams
  • Length: 60 inches
  • Material: TeXtreme
  • Kickpoint Position: High
  • Shaft: Square double concave
  • Blade: Power Sense Core 2
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Main differences with Defensmen sticks

Defensemen tend to have different sticks that offensive players and goalies.

Where a forward uses a stick to move the puck up the ice, defensemen need their sticks to stop the pucks before they get to the goalie.

So, defensemen like to have curves at the heel or mid heel. They also like their sticks to have more surface area so they can stop pucks and send them back up the ice. They often take slapshots that require power over wrist shots. And, with a heel curve, defensemen have a better tool to stop shots that are up above the blue line. With a heel curve, they can also lift pucks out the zone, too.

Of course, one stick does not fit all!

Some defensemen prefer to have sticks with a mid curve or a neutral curve, simply because they like to get in the middle of plays rather than wait for the play to come to them.

What a Defenseman Should Look For in a Stick

Finding the right stick for a defenseman can be difficult. How do you know what to look for when there are so many hockey sticks on the market with so many different specifications?

First, you need to know your personal preferences. Are you left-handed or right-handed?

You must know how to talk about the differences between different sticks. Here are a couple of examples of the qualifications of different sticks:

  • The flex refers to how stiff the stick is. The higher the flex, the stiffer the stick. Anything with a flex of 100+ is extra stiff. A flex of 85- 95 is traditional. A flex of 80 or under is a whippy flex.
  • The curve refers to the blade pattern. The blade will curve at the heel, toe, or middle of the blade. Defensemen must make long passes and shots (like one-timers) which generally require a heel curve.
  • The lie is the angle of the stick to the blade. The way you skate will determine the lie. Most people use a 5 or 5.5 lie.
  • The kickpoint is the point on the shaft of the stick that it will move during a shot. You can choose between a high kickpoint, a low kickpoint, or a dual flex point. Low kickpoints increase the verocity of the shot at the end.

A defenseman needs a stick with a lot of power because they have to make long passes. He also wants a stick with a quick release to aid in quick shots. The best sticks for defensemen also adjust well to the player’s specific needs.

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