8 Best Goalie Pads RANKED for 2024 (Adult and Youth)

When you think of Goaltenders, what is the first thing you think of? Although some would argue the mask, for me it’s all about the pads. But which ones are considered the best goalie pads? Although every goalie is different and goalie pads vary tremendously in cost and functionality, the Bauer Vapor 2X series is … Read more

What Size Goalie Skates do you Need? 5 Helpful Tips

Goalie’s have their very own collection of hockey gear. Even their skates are different from those that the players use. You can’t play the goalie position without skates and buying the right ones can make a big differences in the quality of your play. Goalie skates need to not only be comfortable, but they should … Read more

Hockey Goalie Fundamentals: What makes a great goalie?

All positions on the ice rink are important in a hockey game, but the final line of defense is extremely important. Of course, the two defensemen have the job of keeping the puck away from the goalie, but the hockey goalie is where the puck must stop to prevent the opposing team from scoring. Following … Read more

The Different Goalie Styles in Hockey: Pros & Cons for each

Hockey goaltending is not a one-size-fits-all position. In fact, there are two very different styles of goaltending and they can be used in tandem. Goalies tend to develop their own styles and they become quite adept at that one style. There are significant pros and cons to each. Even though there are different styles, the … Read more