Best Low Kick Point Hockey Sticks (Updated 2024)

Every hockey stick has a kick point and the location of it affects the way the stick functions. A kick point is the spot where the stick is stiff, so it is an important part of the energy release of your stick. This page in particular is focused primarily on the low kick options. So … Read more

Best Hockey Sticks for Defensemen (Updated for 2024)

If you are new to the world of hockey, it might seem like a hockey stick is a hockey stick. However…this could not be farther from the truth. Sticks for defensemen can vary quite a bit. For the traditional stay at home defenseman – a longer stick to help with the pokecheck is ideal. However … Read more

Best Hockey Sticks for Wrist Shots (Scoring made Easy)

Is there anything better than snapping a wrist shot top-shelf? In my opinion there is no better feeling than getting the goalie to shift one way, and then placing a perfectly accurate wrist shot where it needs to go. The problem is some sticks are better than others when it comes to wrister’s. Therefore we … Read more

Best Mid Kick Point Hockey Sticks in 2024

A hockey stick is a hockey stick, right?? Wrong! Hockey sticks have several subtle differences. From the materials they are made of to the flexibility of the kick point, differences in hockey sticks can affect a player’s success on the ice. One of the more subtle differences is the kick point, which comes in three … Read more