What is a Hooking penalty in hockey? (Why it’s called)

As you can imagine, since hockey is played so quickly, some penalties can be hard to spot. The Hooking penalty in hockey isn’t one of them! This is one of the easiest penalties to see and players know it. When they get caught hooking another player, there isn’t much they can do about it. It’s … Read more

What does Offside mean in Hockey? (Guide with examples)

In hockey, some rules were created to keep the players from getting an unnecessary advantage. One of those rules is the offside call. This somewhat complicated rule doesn’t involve anything violent or dangerous. It also doesn’t involve any unusual stick work. The simplest explanation for offside is that it occurs when offensive players cross their … Read more

The 6 Positions in Hockey: What they do (Explained)

If you are new to this great game, you may be wondering what the positions are in hockey and how they work together. So what positions are there in hockey? Hockey teams need to have at least six players to put on the ice. This normally includes 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 goalie. Since … Read more

What is Slashing in Hockey? (Explained in an Easy way)

In some cases, hockey games have a few too many connections to horror movies. From the hockey goalie masks that look like the creepy movies that took place on Fridays to the names of the penalties (slashing anyone?), hockey is certainly a game filled with suspense and danger. One of the more dangerous plays in … Read more

Equipment Needed for Hockey: Get on ice FAST (Full List)

We’ve all been there. You’re a couple of days out and have no idea what you gear you need for hockey season and how much it will cost. But don’t worry, we have your back with this equipment needed for hockey guide. With all of the equipment needed to play a game of ice hockey, … Read more

How Long is a Hockey game? (Average length and time)

If you are new to the game of hockey, you might be wondering a bit about the time investment that is required. So how long is a hockey game? For most situations, a hockey game lasts two to two and a half hours long. This assumes that you are watching or playing in a standard … Read more