How to Tape a Hockey Stick Blade and Handle like a Pro

A taped hockey stick is a must-have for all hockey players. Hockey players first started taping their sticks because they wanted to protect the wood from the moisture of the ice. Now, hockey stick are usually made from composite material that is not damaged by the wet ice. Despite the fact that sticks are now … Read more

Hockey Stick Flex: Which should you use? (Complete Guide)

Buying the right hockey stick is more difficult than it seems. You cannot just go to a sporting goods store and pick out any hockey stick. They come in different lengths, with different curves in the blade, and at different price points. They also come with varying degrees of flex, which is quite important to … Read more

Men’s vs. Women’s Hockey: Here are the main differences

Men’s hockey and women’s hockey are essentially the same game. They are simply played by men or women. Interestingly, at different levels, women are able to play on men’s teams, but men cannot play on women’s teams. Men’s hockey and women’s hockey both have the same numbers of players, six, and the puck is the … Read more

Hockey Goalie Fundamentals: What makes a great goalie?

All positions on the ice rink are important in a hockey game, but the final line of defense is extremely important. Of course, the two defensemen have the job of keeping the puck away from the goalie, but the hockey goalie is where the puck must stop to prevent the opposing team from scoring. Following … Read more

What is a One-Timer in Hockey? 5 Tips to Improve

The one-timer is one of the most exciting shots in hockey. While it usually is a slap shot toward the goal, the one-timer is actually just a shot taken off of a pass in a single motion. You do not stop to get control of the puck, you just shoot as the puck comes at … Read more