What Skates does Patrick Kane wear? (Brand and Model)

what skates does patrick kane wear
Patrick Kane has proven that he is one of the best.

He’s a three-time All-Star with the Chicago Blackhawk. He also has won several of the NHL’s most notable awards including the Conn Smythe Trophy, the Hart Memorial Trophy, the Ted Lindsay Award, and the Art Ross Trophy.

And, he has had his name etched three times on the Stanley Cup.

He has also played in the Olympics where he represented the United States. The guy is good – really good. So lets take a look at Patrick Kane’s skates!

Does his equipment make a difference?

Patrick Kane's Skates

Patrick Kane skates


His biggest asset is his speed and that is thanks to his athletic ability and work ethic. It is also thanks to the skates he wears: Bauer Vapor 1X. Of course, a pair of skates can’t make every player perform like Kane can, but they can help. These are not cheap skates, no pun intended, so they are for hockey players who are for real.

The Vapor 1X has the latest technology that Bauer has to offer.

The 37.5 liner designed to keep feet dry, the Speed Plate Technology, and the X-Rib Curv Composite Boot are three features that makes these skates comfortable to wear. And, comfort can help improve play, because when your feet feel good, it’s easier to move up and down the ice.

Bauer also includes LS4 Steel, which replaced the LS Fusion steel. These new runners have 3 mm of height over the previous models. The best players appreciate the added height and better steel. The LS4 Steel needs to be sharpened less than other blades.

Another improved feature is the Vapor 1X boot that has a new molding with an aluminized Curv Composite making it Bauer’s lightest boot. Along with being light, the molded pattern is also supportive keeping your heels and ankles locked in place. This lets you skate with tight turns and quick crossovers. And, it lets you skate faster.

The other feature that makes these skates worth of Kane’s feet is the Speed Plate Technology made from an alloy that will fully customize your skates. The Speed Plate will fit to your feet so your skates are your alone to give you the best balance in the ideal spot so you can skate faster, turn tighter, and show off your agility.

If they’re good enough for Kane, the Bauer Vapor 1X skates are good enough for you. View more Bauer skates.

What makes him so good?

He’s fast. He’s agile. He’s creative.

And, he can make scoring goals look easy. Once Kane gets the puck, he moves speedily toward the goal.

While defensemen don’t fear him, they do have to be on their toes to keep him from scoring. His drives toward the goal are incredibly creative as he bobs and weaves with the grace of a boxer. It’s easy to see why he has been one of the most challenging to cover man-to-man.

Along with his speed and agility, he can work the stick. He can out skate most defensemen and he can move the puck in the blink of an eye. He knows where his teammates are and can quickly flip the puck to them. He’ll take an assist just as quickly as he’ll take a goal. Whether he scores or gets an assist, his moves often show up on highlight reels. He clearly knows the game and he knows how to get the most out of his teammates and his opponents.

Another reason that Kane is so good is that he can create plays practically out of thin air. He seems to know where his teammates will be before they do. His puck placement shows it. Since the opposing players know what he can do, they are often out of place which gives him even more opportunities to make plays and score goals.