What is Icing in Hockey? Guide for Beginners (with Photos!)

You’re watching the game and you hear the referee’s whistle. Icing? What does that mean? If this sounds familiar, this article will help you understand just what is Icing in hockey and how the rule works. Icing is one of the oddest rules in hockey. It is also one of the easiest to understand, yet … Read more

What is a Power Play in Hockey? (Explained for Beginners)

Without a doubt, there are many rules in hockey that you should learn if you want to become an expert. One thing you might be wondering while watching a game is why people are cheering for something they call a “power play”. So what is a power play in hockey exactly? A power play occurs … Read more

What is cross checking in Hockey? (What the Rules say)

Hockey is a game that involves hitting, but the hitting needs to follow the rules! By the time hockey players reach the NHL, they know the rules and they know how to avoid taking penalties for them. Cross checking is one of those penalties that most players know well, and are easily understood by fans. … Read more

What is a Hooking penalty in hockey? (Why it’s called)

As you can imagine, since hockey is played so quickly, some penalties can be hard to spot. The Hooking penalty in hockey isn’t one of them! This is one of the easiest penalties to see and players know it. When they get caught hooking another player, there isn’t much they can do about it. It’s … Read more

What does Offside mean in Hockey? (Guide with examples)

In hockey, some rules were created to keep the players from getting an unnecessary advantage. One of those rules is the offside call. This somewhat complicated rule doesn’t involve anything violent or dangerous. It also doesn’t involve any unusual stick work. The simplest explanation for offside is that it occurs when offensive players cross their … Read more

What is Slashing in Hockey? (Explained in an Easy way)

In some cases, hockey games have a few too many connections to horror movies. From the hockey goalie masks that look like the creepy movies that took place on Fridays to the names of the penalties (slashing anyone?), hockey is certainly a game filled with suspense and danger. One of the more dangerous plays in … Read more