Best Skates under $300 – 3 Choices for Competitive players!

If you are playing hockey at a competitive level that gets you on the ice several times each week, then you should have gear that will accommodate your level of play. This means that you are ready to abandon the cheaper models of skates and move up to something with a more features and increased durability. So what is the appropriate cost? Some skates cost as much as $1000! This page in particular focuses on the best skates under $300. If you are willing to pay as much as $300 for a pair of skates, you can get some fantastic gear from your favorite brands, like CCM and Bauer.

best hockey skates under $300

It is possible to get great skates at the low end of the price range, but skates only get better when the price increases. We feel for most that the $200-$500 range is probably going to land you a great pair of skates.

CCM Tacks 5092

The CCM Tacks 5092 model of skates are a top performer in this category because of the strategically designed boot and Speedblade 4.0 holder. The boot is made with professional-level support due to its multi-layer design and helpful reinforcements. It uses the CCM AttackFrame core to make it lightweight, but rigid and durable.

The outside has what most hockey players expect at this $300 price point – energy transfer design that comes from the thermo-formable core.

On the inside, the CCM Tacks are loaded with high-end details. They have a microfiber liner that is comfortable and still durable. The padding on the inside of the skate is designed to mold to the hockey players foot so he can get the most out of his playing time. The padding is made of memory foam with different levels of density that cradle the foot for maximum output while skating. Even the tongue is designed with performance in mind as it is made of felt with lace-bite protection to keep the foot and ankle safe.

The bottom of the skate is designed for performance, too. Your feet will stay dry inside the CCM Tacks because of the built-in exhaust system. And, the footbed has the CCM fit system for support. The holder, Speedblade 4.0, has an attack angle that allows for better performance while cornering and building up speed. With the Speedblade stainless steel runner, you are ready to go!


  • Heat moldable: Yes
  • Holder: SpeedBlade 4.0
  • Blade: SpeedBlade Stainless Steel
  • Boot: Composite reinforced
  • Liner: Heavy-duty microfiber
  • Outsole: Injected with exhaust system
  • Footbed: CCM Fit System
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Bauer Supreme S170

The next option for top level skates that cost less than $300 are the Bauer Supreme S170 series, which is the perfect skate for hockey players who like their skates stiff.

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The exterior of this skate is made of 3-D Lasted Lightweight Tech Mesh that is wrapped in several layers to create the stiffness. This is huge for players who worry about get hit hard with the puck. While many experienced hockey players like stiff boots, these are not for everyone.

The Bauer Supreme has one of the best holders in the industry – the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge. It is so popular because the blade can be removed with the flip of a trigger, making it one of the easiest blades to remove and replace. The Lightspeed Edge holder adds an additional 3 mm of height to the skate, making it more aggressive than other models in this price point. The skates come with the Bauer LS1 stainless steel blade, which is the standard blade on most Bauer skates.

The inside of the Bauer Supreme S170 is also designed for performance. Your foot will never get wet or overly sweaty with the Hydrophobic Microfiber liner that wicks away moisture. This feature alone separates the Bauer Supreme from other models. Also on the inside of the skate are memory foam pads that are lightweight and have the Form-Fit+ design from Bauer. This design also offers grip to the bottom of the foot and it helps to prevent moisture buildup inside the boot. The tongue is a two-piece model that is designed to keep the foot securely in place, while also being soft and comfortable.


  • Heat moldable: Yes
  • Holder: Tuuk Lightspeed Edge
  • Blade: Bauer LS1 Edge Stainless Steel
  • Boot: 3D Lasted Lightweight Tech Mesh
  • Liner: Hydrophobic Microfiber
  • Outsole: Pro TPU
  • Footbed: Form-Fit+
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CCM Jetspeed FT370

Another outstanding pair of skates at this price point are the CCM Jetspeed FT370’s. These skates have plenty of features that should augment any hockey player’s skating performance.

On the outside, they have CCM’s RocketFrame Composite boot with a lightweight and ergonomic shape so you can generate increased levels of speed on the ice.

On the inside, the liner has been built with durability in mind as it is made of heavy-duty microfiber to resist wear and moisture. This liner also has CCM’s Durazone Abrasion Protection. The boot also has padding around the the collar of the boot for added comfort and protection. Your ankle will be protected with multi-density foam that customizes to the ankle’s size and shape. The tongue of the boot is also designed to protect the foot with 7mm of reinforced felt with lace-bit protection.

The footbed is made of CCM’s Anatomical Response and the outsole has an exhaust system along with a rigid, reinforced injected design that adds to energy transference. Lastly, the blade holder is the durable Speedblade 4.0 and it holds the durable stainless steel Speedblade.


  • Heat moldable: Yes
  • Holder: SpeedBlade 4.0
  • Blade: SpeedBlade Stainless
  • Boot: RocketFrame Composite
  • Liner: Heavy-duty micro-fiber with Durazone Abrasion Protection
  • Outsole: Injected with exhaust system
  • Footbed: Anatomical Response
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Why are $300 skates better?

You might be wondering what the main advantages are of the skates costing under $300 have over those skates under $100.

Skates at this price range have better support and energy transfer for better stopping, starting, and turning than lower priced options. They also have better padding and are more comfortable than entry level skates. Many skates at this higher price point also have removable blades, because those often wear out faster than the boots do. Those removable blades are held by holders that often release with a quick trigger.

Another benefit of skates in this price range is that they do not require a break-in period. Hockey players often complain that their new skates give them blisters, but this shouldn’t happen nearly as much with skates at this price. With these more expensive skates, hockey players rarely – if ever – complain about blisters. Part of the reason that they are less likely to cause blisters is because of the increased padding and the high quality liners that wick moisture away from the foot.

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