What Size Goalie Skates do you Need? 5 Helpful Tips

Goalie’s have their very own collection of hockey gear. Even their skates are different from those that the players use. You can’t play the goalie position without skates and buying the right ones can make a big differences in the quality of your play. Goalie skates need to not only be comfortable, but they should … Read more

Best Hockey Skate Brands in 2022 (Which are at the top?)

You can’t play hockey without skates. Without a good pair of skates, you cannot build up speed or stop on a dime. The ability of your skates to meet your ability to use them is of the utmost importance. Since not all skates are created equally, it is important to find the best ones and … Read more

How to Size Hockey Skates: 4 Tips for Comfort & Performance

When you are on the rink playing hockey, the last thing you want to worry about is sore feet from improperly fitting hockey skates. With all of the information available about hockey equipment, no one should play with skates that do not fit. But, if your skates are uncomfortable or you are in the market … Read more