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What is Icing in Hockey?

You’re watching the game and you hear the referee’s whistle. Icing? What does that mean? If this sounds familiar, this article will help you understand just what is Icing in hockey and how the rule works. Icing is one of the oddest rules in hockey. It is also one of the easiest to understand, yet […]

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Equipment Required for Ice Hockey (A list)

We’ve all been there. You’re a couple of days out and have no idea what you gear you need for hockey season and how much it will cost. But don’t worry, we have your back with this ice hockey equipment list guide. With all of the equipment needed to play a game of ice hockey, […]

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How long is a Hockey Game?

The answer to how long is a hockey game for most is two and a half hours. This assumes that you are wondering the standard length of a game that includes three 20 minute periods with an intermission break in between. If the game includes TV timeouts like you see in many higher leagues you […]

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Tripping Penalty in Hockey

All professional sports go through rule changes and hockey is not an exception. This article in particular looks at the tripping penalty in hockey. While there are aspects of the game that haven’t changes, there are plenty that have! As we learn more about safety, some changes make perfectly good sense – like putting masks […]

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Interference in Hockey

In hockey, there are several offenses that will land players in the penalty box. There are several egregious penalties, like checking from behind, tripping, and fighting. These are relatively easy for referees to see. But…there are others that are slightly more difficult for referees to see. One of those is interference. So if you’ve ever […]

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